Quick End II

(Left and right shown. Sold separately)

This automated hose crimping and assembly machine is ideally suited for 1/4 ID 1-1/2 OD hose. Custom machines for larger hoses are available.

*Custom heavy duty machine for hydraulic hose assembly are also available.

The Quick End II is simple to operate. First the operator places the ferrule on the hose then pre-inserts the barb 1/4, then places the hose on the shaft and slides it into the machine. This will activate an internal switch. When activated the crimping machine will do the following functions:

  1. Holds the hose
  2. Pushes the barb into the hose
  3. Positions the ferrule for crimping
  4. Crimps the ferrule

This is all completed within 3 seconds, thereby reducing your labor by 60%. Turning a labor-intensive job into a pleasant low impact and efficient process with fast cost recovery. Quality Quest, Inc. manufacturers an operator right and an operator left machine. When these machines are put end to end it allows both ends of a hose to be assembled simultaneously. Eight segmented crimp is standard.

*custom crimp dies are available.

There were four main reasons for developing these machines:

  1. Eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. Eliminate defects
  3. Direct labor cost
  4. Ensure consumer saftey

Requirements: 110 Volts, 100-PSI Air
                           (220 Volt  upon request)

Dimensions: QE1 or 2 32 X 12 X 16
                        QE3         37" X 15" X 22"

Weight: QE1 or 2 165 lbs
               QE3          320 lbs

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